June 27 – July 24

Saving energy makes good sense environmentally, financially, and for future generations–but what else is there to do besides turning off the lights?

Play PowerDown 20!

5 tasks will be presented each week for 4 weeks. Some have an immediate tie to saving electricity, others are more indirect.

Track of your progress and either email your completed weekly list to Sustainability@viu.ca or bring it to a Tuesday lunch.

You can join any time! Email Sustainability@viu.ca and let us know you want to play!

What’s in it for you?

Being part of an action group, that warm, squishy feeling that ‘do goodery’ brings, and–weekly prizes/grand prize to be won.

Complete 3/5 tasks in the week and get 1 entry for the weekly draw. Finish all challenges and get 3 entries.