The Sweaties 2021

sweater in the snowbw sweater picturesweater with diamonds

Did you know?

The first Thursday in February is National Sweater Day. It’s intended to bring awareness to thoughtful stewardship of resources/climate change through encouraging folks to layer up with a sweater and turn down the heat a little.

How are we observing that date?

With an all-month-long opportunity for you to show off your coziest or funkiest or ugliest sweater and be a climate activist!

Want to be part of it?

Send us a picture of your best stay warm sweater look (Sustain@viu.ca) or post to social media with #VIUSweaties21

What’s in it for you?

Weekly random prize draws from entries received each week.

There will be grand prizes for the ugliest, the funkiest, and the coziest sweaters of VIU. We’ll choose those winners at the end of this initiative.

Join us for a little climate activism and fun

Part of this month’s

Mission: Sustainability

By participating in this initiative you're helping to support these Sustainable Development Goals