2021 Mission: Sustainability

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Congratulations to winners -- Gemma Armstrong, Sheila Grieve, Stefan Iwasawa, and Kara Walsh! 

Watch for upcoming initiatives in the fall.

Mission: Sustainability

We all try to make good decisions that support sustainable stewardship of the environment and the community. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a reminder or two, a bit of support, or maybe even a little education or awareness of what good practice is!

Join us for a month of actions and information to support you in your awesome sustainability action! Check online each week for a list of things to do, then participate and report. It’s that easy.

Each week, we’ll post some actions you can take part in. Take the time to fill in a quick form telling us about your sustainability supporting deeds and you could win some nifty prizes. We’ll be posting progress and pictures throughout the month  on Facebook so you can see what other folks are doing.

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take on these weekly activities, and have a little fun with them.

As always, should you be caught making a positive difference in your home, community, or beyond, you may not get immediate recognition, but the world will be a better place!


Email us! Sustainability@viu.ca 

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