Employee Health and Safety Orientation

VIU is responsible for ensuring that all employees are properly instructed and trained on how to do their work safely. This includes providing safety orientation for new and young workers. The VIU orientation will includes general information for VIU, however a job specific orientation must also be completed by supervisors.

Effectively training and orienting our employees is key to helping them stay safe at work. The following  steps will ensure that our employees are properly trained and oriented.

  1. New workers should take the VIU New Worker Orientation course. This course can be done online through VIULearn.
  2. Managers must also conduct a job specific orientation using the New Worker Orientation Checklist. The job specific orientation will include a review of job hazards and any applicable safe work procedures and specialized training required.
  3. Employers must provide an orientation to students who will be at their worksites for work-integrated learning (WIL) experiences. Work-integrated learning includes: Mandatory Professional Practicum/Clinical Placements, Co-operative Education and Co-operative Internships, Internships/Work Experience, Field Placements, Community and Industry Research & Projects and Service Learning. For further details on the different work-integrated learning types as well as WorkSafeBC information and an orientation guide, see the Health & Safety Procedures for Work-Integrated (WIL) Opportunities document.   

Any questions and concerns should be directed to your Health and Safety Advisor.