Reporting Injuries/Incidents

All injuries involving employees, students, contractors, and visitors must be reported to your direct supervisor and Health and Safety Services in accordance with WorkSafeBC Regulations.  Health and Safety Services is the central reception point for all incidents at VIU so incidents such as theft, vandalism, property damage or property loss or any incident involving student or employee conduct must be reported immediately.

Call WCB Immediately at 1.888.621.7233 for: 

  1. Serious injury to or death of a worker
  2. Major structural failure or collapse of a building, bridge, tower, crane, hoist, temporary construction support system, or excavation
  3. Major release of a hazardous substance
  4. Fire or explosion that had a potential for causing serious injury to a worker
  5. Blasting incident causing personal injury
  6. Dangerous incident involving explosives, whether or not there is personal injury

To report an incident, please fill out the VIU Incident Report and Investigation Formand email it to your direct manager/supervisor and email it to us. It is imperative that you inform your direct Supervisor (VP, AVP, Director, Manager, Chair, Dean etc.) with the email so they are made aware of safety concerns and incidents in their areas and are given the opportunity to investigate and implement changes where necessary in order to prevent future incidents from occurring.

If you are unable to email this form you can also print , sign, and send it via internal mail to your direct supervisor and Health and Safety Services in Building 305, Room 272, Nanaimo Campus.

To report an unsafe situation please follow the guideline for Reporting Safety Concerns.