What’s My WCB Coverage?

All employees of VIU, whether full or part-time, are covered by WCB legislation and are eligible for WCB benefits if they are injured while working.

Students may be eligible for WCB coverage in the following cases

Students attending the classroom/lab/shop instruction for the technical training component of an Apprenticeship program. The following is a list of some programs that may include apprentice students (some programs may include both apprentice and non-apprentice students; however only the apprentice students will be eligible for WCB coverage in classrooms or shops):

  • Automotive Mechanics Apprenticeship
  • Carpentry Apprenticeship
  • Heavy Duty Mechanic Apprenticeship
  • Welding Apprenticeship

Students on an approved practicum, job shadowing or work experience activity are eligible for WCB coverage. The activity must be supervised, unpaid, and take place at the host employer’s place of business within British Columbia. Placements that take place outside of British Columbia are not eligible for this special WCB coverage. If unsure, please contact VIU’s Health & Safety Services, at 250.740.6282.

Students on VIU’s payroll, e.g. work-op students, are automatically covered as they are paid employees.

Note: WCB coverage does not extend to any students on field trips, students in off-campus activities, such as the Carpentry & Residential Construction program house building project, students conducting class-related activities at the VIU Forestry Woodlot, or students not identified in one of the categories indicated above.

If you are injured while in the course of your employment, please report your injury using the VIU Safety Portal as soon as possible. You can also call 250.740.6283 if you have any questions.

Someone from our office will contact you regarding the initiation of a Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB) claim.

A WCB claim must be initiated by the University if an employee is injured while in the course of their employment and as a result they seek medical attention (see a doctor) or they miss time from work.

For more information, please contact Health and Safety Services.

The Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills provide compensation coverage through WorkSafeBC for students while on approved practicums, work experience or while SkilledTradesBC (STBC) registered apprentices attend apprenticeship programs. A practicum or work experience is defined by the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills as:

  • A required component of a program, which is included in program description in the institutions course calendar and which must be successfully completed by the student as a requirement for program completion and/or graduation
  • Unpaid and supervised work experience which takes place at the host employer’s premises or place of business within the province of BC.
  • Apprenticeship technical training completed by a STBC registered apprentice attending a STBC designated public or private post-secondary institution.

The Ministry released a Policy in 2022, WorkSafeBC coverage for post-secondary apprenticeship and practicum students, outlining the coverage for private and public post secondary institutions. The policy should be reviewed to verify that the practicum or work experience being provided meets the guidelines in place to qualify these students for WCB coverage. Any questions should be directed to Health and Safety Services.

The following letters should be provided to the student attending the practicum and to the host employer providing the workplace as they provide details on WBC coverage provided and how to make a claim.