How to work with us

Connect with us for marketing and branding services and support

Before accessing our services, it is helpful to spend some time defining the goals and objectives of the marketing activity your department would like to initiate. What are you trying to achieve? Who’s the audience? How will you measure success? If you’re creating a product, how will it get distributed?

If you need help getting started and identifying the best strategy to achieve results for your initiative, contact us by email.

Job Requests

The Job Request system allows us to queue and track projects and provides a place to host all the information and details about your project.

Here are some things to consider before you submit a job request:

  • Content – Content should be final, not in an early draft form. Please do not submit a job request before you have final content.
  • Budget (if required) – If your project includes things like buying ad space or printing large quantities, we need to know how much money you have available to spend.
  • Deadline information – If you have a hard deadline from the project (such as a specific event) please tell us. Allow us as much time as possible to complete your project.
  • Project approval – If you’re not the final approver of the work, please let us know who that person is.
  • Project title – Please do not submit a job request with a title like “brochure” or “ad”. Making your project title more descriptive helps avoid confusion with other projects and improves our ability to track and work on your project in a timely manner.

Activities that require review and approval by Strategic Marketing

We are here to support the VIU community in creating, reviewing and approving all domestic paid media campaigns and products, and all public-facing branded material. In order to ensure that these materials meet VIU’s Brand Standards, please connect with us when producing:

  • Digital ads:
    • Banner or display ads
    • Video
    • Social media ads
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Print materials – including brochures, newspaper or magazine ads, etc.
  • Promotional videos
  • Transit ads
  • Radio ads