Incident/Accident Reporting and Investigation

Incident and accident investigations are an important part of the Vancouver Island University (VIU) Health and Safety program. Investigations are a process of fact finding to identify the root (underlying) cause of accidents/incidents and act as a means of preventing further occurrences. Including investigations in the larger VIU occupational health and safety (OH&S) program strengthens the internal responsibility system and is essential to building a positive health and safety culture in the workplace.

Call WCB IMMEDIATELY at 1.888.621.7233 for:

1. Serious injury to or death of a worker

2. Major structural failure or collapse of a building, bridge, tower, crane, hoist, temporary construction support system, or excavation

3. Major release of a hazardous substance

4. Fire or explosion that had a potential for causing serious injury to a worker

5. Blasting incident causing personal injury

6. Dangerous incident involving explosives, whether or not there is personal injury

VIU Incident and Accident Investigation Procedures Manual

VIU Incident Report and Investigation Form
VIU Incident Report and Investigation Form

VIU AI Quick Tips Flow Chart

WorkSafeBC Reference Guide for Employer Incident Investigations


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