Green Ideas Event–Greening the Campus

Got an idea to make VIU more sustainable? Need some capital to get it going? Here’s your chance!

March 15, 2018

VIU students, staff, and faculty are invited to:

Present to the ‘Green Dragons’–up to $1000 in implementation funding available!

Mingle, mix, share, and network with others while nibbling on snacks and sipping green drinks!
Whether you’re presenting or dropping by, please help yourself to refreshments and soft drinks. A cash bar with ‘green’ beer and other libations will also be available.

Presentations start at 4:15 pm

Event closes at 7 pm, so stay and chat after presentations are made!

Questions? Email us at Sustainability@viu.ca

Present to the Green Dragons

You and/or your group will have up to 5 minutes to present your case to the Green Dragons. Up to $1000 for implementation is available. Proposals addressing any aspect of–or combination of–sustainability (thriving community, environment, economy) will be considered.

The proposal should include (in no particular order)–

  • The action involved and its link to sustainability (thriving community, environment, economy)
  • The benefit to the university community ( or how the community will be engaged by this project)
  • The scope of the project (one building, one campus, all campuses…)
  • A proposed budget for the project
  • A proposed timeline for the project
  • The measurable result of the project

**This funding is intended for project-based initiatives**
Equipment that would usually be purchased from department budgets would be out of scope for this event.

Presentations will be made between 4-7 pm on Thursday, March 15 in B300 Royal Arbutus Room to a panel of Green Dragons. The panel will select proposal(s) for implementation and award funding to one or several winners. Notification of results will be announced Tuesday, March 20 (or sooner!).


Please send the title of your proposal and your intention to present to: Sustainability@viu.ca by Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at noon.
**Late entries are unlikely to be accepted**

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