Energy Naughty or Energy Nice?

Work on campus or live in Res?

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Show us how you’re


Take a selfie (or have your picture taken)
of you being energy nice**
at VIU

Post your picture with
FaceBook, Instagram, Snapchat …(we’ll look for it)


Email your picture to
(let us know if it’s okay to post it on Facebook)

You’ll be put in a draw for one of four $25 gift certificates to either the Campus Store or Food Services (winner’s choice)

Pictures must be submitted by
December 22, 2017


**energy nice**
Suggestions for on-campus energy niceness below
So many possibilities for a photo-op!

Turn off–

  • a light
  • a monitor (NOT the CPU though)

Bring your own–

  • water bottle
  • mug (and get a discount at the cafeteria and at Starbuck’s)
  • eco-container (and avoid the take-out container cost [you can purchase the eco-container at the cafeteria])


  • a window
  • a door
  • the blinds

Sort your waste–

  • into compost, recycle, and landfill-bound receptacles

Move it–

  • Take the stairs to the second (or higher) floor


  • Your own door–no need to use the automatic opener unless you really need to


Be a part of  climate action and flick off–because hey, even lights and devices need a break!


Send an email to Sustainability@viu.ca

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