Canadian University Survey Consortium (CUSC)


The Canadian University Survey Consortium (CUSC) is Canada's longest standing and foremost provider of undergraduate student satisfaction and experience surveys.  Since CUSC's inception in 1994, universities across Canada have jointly implemented surveys of their undergraduate students to be able to better understand and serve their students. The surveys run once a year in the Winter term and operate on a three year cycle, alternating between first year students, middle years students, and graduating students. 

The survey is used at VIU to gain access to a broad base of comparative and collective data on the Canadian university experience, assess institutional strengths and educational outcomes, and to inform decisions about needed improvements.

Year Results
2017 CUSC 2017 - Middle Years Students Master Report
2015 CUSC 2015 - Graduating Students Master Report
2013 CUSC 2013 - First Year Students Master Report