Survey Management Committee (SMC)

The Survey Management Committee (SMC) provides oversight and coordination of institutional surveys used to collect information from members of the VIU community (including students, employees, applicants, alumni, and community partners).

Key Objectives

  • Encourage sound survey methodology, structure, and administration; 
  • Ensure that surveys are designed effectively with appropriate and objectively worded questions;
  • Minimize the number of times students and staff are asked to respond to surveys, thereby reducing survey fatigue and maximizing response rates; 
  • Avoid the use of surveys in cases where alternate data collection methods may exist and/or be more appropriate (e.g., the use of focus groups, administrative data, arts-based methods, etc.);
  • Coordinate the timing of surveys to avoid overlap of survey time frames and avoid survey requests during particularly busy times of the year (e.g., during exams);
  • Promote communications of survey results throughout the VIU community; and
  • Adhere to legislated requirements (i.e., FOIPPA) and ethical standards of practice (BC Government Policy on Reporting on Small Populations).

For more information on the purpose, objectives, and responsibilities of the SMC refer to the SMC Terms of Reference (under review).  

SMC can be contacted by emailing