Program Planning

If you are developing a new degree or new non-degree credit program, you've come to the right place! The Handbook for New Program Development and Implementation  will guide you step by step through the development, assessment, and submission of new program proposals.

The information provided applies to:

  1. New Degree Programs: master, bachelor, a new major or field of specialization, or a new minor for which the institution does not already have approval to offer a major.

  2. New Non-Degree Credit Programs: graduate diploma, graduate certificate, post-degree diploma, post-degree certificate, advanced diploma, advanced certificate, associate degree, diploma, or certificate.

  3. Changes to Existing Credit Programs: Minor changes to an existing program follow the processes outlined in the Request for Program Change form. Significant changes to an existing program may qualify as a new program. Please review VIU’s Policy 97.21: Major/Minor Program Change to determine whether proposed program changes are major or minor in nature.

Other Programs

Please refer to Curriculum Committee for information on developing and implementing the following new programs:

  • New Non-Credit Programs
  • Degree Minor from Existing Major
  • Degree Minors Across Faculties
  • Honours Program from Existing Major


The process for developing and approving a new program for implementation may take up to two years and consists of five key phases:

The process described above is provided as a flowchart: Approval Process of New Credit Programs

New Programs Approved

More information

Email Program Planning from the Office of University Planning and Analysis.