Program Planning

*There is a freeze on all new program development. Please contact your Dean's Office for additional information.

New Credit Program 

  • Degree Programs: master, bachelor, a new major or field of specialization, or a new minor for which the institution does not already have approval to offer a major.
  • Non-Degree Credit Programs: graduate diploma, graduate certificate, post-degree diploma, post-degree certificate, advanced diploma, advanced certificate, associate degree, diploma, or certificates with 12 or more academic credits.
  • Honours Program: Honours degrees can be developed from existing Majors and follow a simplified approval process.
  • Degree Minor from an Existing Major follows a simplified approval process.

Contact the Office of University Planning and Analysis

New Micro-credential

  • Micro-credentials are formal, short-duration learning experiences that are competency‐based, reflect an emerging need or interest, and respond to industry, employer, and/or community needs.
  • Less than 288 hours of vocational instruction or fewer than 12 academic credits
  • Maybe credit-bearing or not credit-bearing or a combination of both
  • Collaboration with industry, employer, community and/or Indigenous communities

Contact the Provost Office

New Non-Credit Short Program or Program Change

    • Changes to Existing Credit Programs: Minor changes to an existing program follow the processes outlined in the Request for Program Change form. Significant changes to an existing program may qualify as a new program. Please review VIU’s Policy 97.21: Major/Minor Program Change to determine whether the proposed program changes are major or minor in nature
    • New Non-Credit Programs: Short non-credit programs that do not meet the criteria for a micro-credential follow the non-credit approval process. Refer to the Curriculum Committee website for information on developing and implementing New Non-Credit Programs. 

    Contact Curriculum Committee

    Process for New Credit Programs

    The process for developing and approving a new degree or non-degree program for implementation may take up to two years and consists of five key phases:

    The process described above is provided as a flowchart: Approval Process of New Credit Programs

    New Programs Approved

    More information

    Email Program Planning from the Office of University Planning and Analysis.