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The Insight Portal provides a ‘single window’ entry point to a trusted, online source of VIU data and information for administrators, faculty, staff, data analysts, and those dedicated to improving education at VIU. 

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VIU Insight Portal

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Log into the OUPA Insight Portal using  viu\username and your regular password. You need a VPN connection open when accessing remotely.

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Contact for questions or to request access to the Insight Portal. Some users have limited access to workbooks depending on the content. Contact OUPA if you are interested in viewing a workbook that you can see on the portal but cannot open.

Insight Portal Orientation Tutorial

Learn the basics of navigating the Insight Portal in this 10-minute Web Tutorial

Data Dictionary

Learn more about data definitions to support data literacy: Data Dictionary.

Dashboard Descriptions

Tracks progress on long-term strategies and provides high-level metrics on all areas of the institution.

Deans' Forecast Resources

Retention Baseline

Summative Program Assessment

Provides student progression data by fall, spring, and summer terms.

Student Progression

Provides access to the most recent survey results.

BC Student Outcomes (under development)

Future State Survey

Future State Survey Qualitative Comments

National Survey of Student Engagement

New Student Transitions

Provides labour market outcomes for BC post-secondary graduates.

Graduates Tax Linkage Project

Provides trends in enrolment, credentials awarded, new programming, targets, and tuition at B.C. public post-secondary institutions. 

BC Credentials Awarded

BC Institutional Comparisons - Operating Grants, Student FTEs, and Staff Comparisons

BC Institutional Enrolment

BC New Programming

BC Program Enrolment