Phase V: Follow-Up


Following submission of the Action Plan, the PR Chair(s) and faculty/staff implement Action Plan items. Throughout the course of the year, the PR Chair(s) collects feedback on the implementation of action items, compiles evidence of outcomes achieved, and documents any changes due to unforeseen circumstances.

Approximately one year after the initial submission of the Action Plan to the Program Review Oversight Committee, the PR Chair(s) complete a follow-up report highlighting progress in implementation, outcomes, any challenges encountered, and revisions to the submitted action plan, if applicable

Key Tasks and Target Timelines

Key Action Steps Target Timeline Person/Area Responsible Comments
Meet to discuss implementation of action items and coordinate tracking progress. Start of Year 3
Aug. to Oct.
Faculty/Staff This process provides an opportunity to revisit items, responsibilities, and timelines.
Determine method for tracking implementation including observed outcomes, any challenges and/or enhancements.
Check-in with implementation leads to discussing progress, observed outcomes, and any challenges. Year 3
Sep. to Mar.
PR Chair(s) Ongoing communication throughout the implementation process will help to continue the reflective process and create a support network as change is implemented and new ideas and/or challenges arise.
Use input from colleagues to update "Implementation Status" section of Action Plan Report and submit to Dean for approval. Year 3
Sep. to Mar.
PR Chair(s) Once approved, forward report to OUPA. The report will be forwarded by OUPA to the Program Review Oversight Committee (PROC) 3-4 weeks in advance of scheduled meetings.
Closer to the date, OUPA will help schedule meeting dates and times to present to PROC.
Present update on progress made in implementing action items to PROC. End of Year 3
Mar. to Jun.
PR Chair(s)
Teams are allotted 15-20 minutes to present and discuss their progress to date including observed outcomes, any challenges, and suggestions to address issues.
Share feedback from PROC meeting with faculty/staff. End of Year 3
Apr. to Jun.
PR Chair(s) This process provides faculty/staff with an opportunity to check-in and debrief progress made, as well as identify next steps.