Phase II: Development

Step 4: OUPA provides templates and program profile information to proponent

  • The Office of University Planning and Analysis (OUPA) will meet with the proponent to provide proposal template, implementation timelines, and program profile information to support development. OUPA will also provide labour market information based on National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes.
  • OUPA and proponent may also discuss any resources required to develop and administer surveys in support of student and labour market demand.

Step 5: Proponent completes the full program proposal

  • Proponent completes full proposal template (Stage 1, Stage 2, and Multi-Year Budget).
  • Stage 1: Needs Analysis

    • Proponent gathers evidence for student and labour market demand, addresses any program duplication within the region, solicits feedback and support from external contacts, and demonstrates program alignment to the institution’s mandate and academic plan.
    • OUPA will assist in providing student and labour market information, as well as conducting feasibility studies. Proponents may consider requesting a feasibility study either from a third-party or from OUPA for new degree programs that require a substantial investment of resources.

    Stage 2: Curriculum Development

    • Proponent must spend sufficient time developing the Program Learning Outcomes, Curriculum Content, and Calendar Copy. Ensure that your program meets or exceeds VIU's Procedure 97.13.001: Credential Type ad Description and the Ministry's Definition of Credential Types.
    • For the Proof of Internal Consultation Form, e-mail a copy of the draft proposal to the various departments and request their feedback by e-mail unless contacts would prefer to meet in person. Give contacts at least 3 weeks to review the draft proposal document.

    Stage 3: Program Budget

    1. Following the completion of Stage 1 and Stage 2, request a copy of the Program Budget template from OUPA to review. 
    2. If your program targets international students, request a meeting with your Dean and International to discuss marketing and recruitment, current immigration policies, and setting appropriate tuition fees.
    3. Request a meeting with your Dean, Financial Assistant, Provost Office Manager, and the Financial Manager, Budgets and Financial Planning to identify all the financial elements of the program (i.e. revenue considerations and additional costs considerations), as well as ask questions related to the budget template.
    4. Develop the program budget in consultation with your Dean and Financial Assistant (if applicable). Include your Dean throughout the budget development process.
    5. Notify OUPA when you have a final budget approved by your Dean. OUPA will forward a copy of the proposal and the budget to Finance for review and comment.
    6. Finance needs at least 3 weeks to complete the budget review and to provide comments on the budget coversheet.