Phase IV: Action Plan


The PR Chair(s), in consultation with program faculty/staff, prepare an Action Plan based on the findings of the Self-Study report and recommendations from the External Review report. The Action Plan provides an opportunity to identify priorities and resources required to implement the action items.

Key Tasks and Target Timelines

Key Action Steps Target Timeline Person/Area Responsible Comments
Review self-study and external review findings to inform action plan. Year 2
Dec. To Feb.
Faculty/Staff This is a collaborative process undertaken by all program faculty/staff.
Draft the Action Plan Report using the template provided. Year 2
Jan. to May
Faculty/Staff Consider the following: How does our plan reflect priorities? In what ways have we incorporated feedback? Is distribution of responsibility for leading implementation equitable? Are timelines feasible?
Distdbute draft report for review and endorsement by the Dean and al!I program faculty/staff. Year 2
Jan. to May
PR Chair(s) This process provides an opportunity for further reflection and feedback from program faculty/staff and the Dean.
Finalize report based on input from colleagues and submit to Dean for approval. End of Year 2
Apr. to Jun.
PR Chair(s)

Once approved, forward report to OUPA. The report will be forwarded by OUPA to the Program Review Oversight Committee (PRO) 3-4 weeks in advance of scheduled meetings.

Closer to the date, OUPA will help schedule meeting dates and times to present the Action Plan to PROC.

Present key findings and action items to PROC. Start of Year 3
Sep. to Oct.
PR Chair(s)

Teams are allotted 15-20 minutes to present and discuss highlights from their Action Plan.

PROC provides input and decides whether or not to endorse the plan.

Share feedback from PROC meeting with faculty/staff. Start of Year 3
Sep. to Oct.
PR Chair(s) This process provides facu1ty/staff with an opportunity to check-in and debrief on the process before implementation begins.

Action Plan Resources