Surveys at VIU

To support decision-making at VIU, the Office of University Planning and Analysis (OUPA) administers large institutional surveys and coordinates a self-serve model for faculty and staff conducting non-academic survey research.

Survey respondents receiving a large number of survey invites can lead to respondents ignoring requests for participation, not seeing the value of their participation, or not completing the survey thoughtfully. Please consider alternative data collection methods, determine if the information already exists, and review the VIU Survey Schedule and Privacy Guidelines as part of your project planning process. For more information, refer to the Survey Resources page

To determine if a survey is an option, and where your survey may fit into the VIU survey framework, please refer to the VIU Survey Decision Tree. If you would like to conduct a survey using the self-serve model, please contact  

VIU Survey Schedule

The following survey schedule identifies planned and approved surveys taking place in the current academic year. This schedule may impact the approval and timing of self-serve survey requests. The 2020/21 Survey Schedule is currently pending approval from the Survey Management Committee.

20-21 Survey Schedule

Past Survey Schedules

2019/20 Survey Schedule

2018/19 Survey Schedule

2017/18 Survey Schedule

2016/17 Survey Schedule

2015/16 Survey Schedule


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