VIU Insight Dashboards

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Dashboards and Descriptions

Retention Baseline Report
Provides term-to-term retention, attrition, and graduation rates by credential type

Strategic Plan Measurement Framework

Under development

Institutional Comparisons
Compares operating grants and targets across all B.C. institutions


Custom report prepared for International based on international student enrolment by fiscal year

Online Activity Levels

Custom report prepared for the Future State Planning Committee regarding activity offered on and off-campus

Student Outcomes

Salary of VIU graduates using tax records

Summative Program Assessment

Provides data that is currently available to assist academic units in assessing the relative strengths and opportunities of their program areas for the most recent SPA cycle


Provides data on admissions by point in time, program, demographics, capacity, and conversion rates.


This project folder contains trends in enrolment over 10 years and an enrolment comparison workbook based on historical dates. Additional enrolment workbooks at the course level are under development.


The student progression workbook tracks student retention and graduation rates from term to term.


This project folder includes results from the most recent National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and institutional student experience surveys. We are currently developing a databank of BC Student Outcomes Survey results (SORS) searchable by themes and questions.

Tuition Revenue and Expenditures

Provides cost per FTE and tuition revenue and costs by workload department.